Intel i7 Gaming PC


5 Year Optional Warranty

If you get your computer serviced every 12 months with us for $80 (including Dust Clean, Windows Service, Diagnostics and more) you have the option to get up to five years extra warranty on all parts and labour.
A service that we usually charge $99 for as standard for any off the street service and at this discounted price you are also extending your warranty.
Example: If your pc fails after 4 years of ongoing yearly services and warranty extensions we will replace the parts under warranty.
This could end up being a newer technology system after the warranty replacement.
*Every 12 months when you get a service you extend the warranty for another year or until the warranty is used up tp a total of 5 years.
**Please note that once something is replaced under this optional warranty the warranty is than finished.

Intel Budget i7 PC

Intel Budget Gaming i7 PC. Starting at $2400

Z370 the latest 1151 MOTHERBOARD
Intel the latest Core i5 LGA1151 CPU
8GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM
SSD M.2 250GB Hard Drive
WD 4TB Black Edition Sata 3 HDD
Nvidia MSI GTX1070 8G Duke OC Graphics
Samsung SATA Black Internal DVD/RW Drive
Thermaltake Case
212x CPU Cooling Unit
850w Power Supply
Microsoft Windows 10 Home Premium
Great for all users.

Managed Service Provider

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