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Onsite PC Services

Onsite Home & Business Services

Need an virus clean service? Wireless setup? Printer setup? Networking between systems?
We can do that and much more for you.
Our ONSITE services start at $95 for the first hour or part thereof and we than charge only $35 per 20 minutes thereafter.

We do not charge over $100 for the first hour and all other computer service companies charge the same or higher thereafter but in 15 minute increments so you end up paying a lot more than we charge.
You still get our full professional and qualified services even though we charge less than everyone else.

Take a look at our managed home pc protection service we offer.

● Anti-Virus Protection ● Web Protection ● AV Monitoring ● AV Updates ● Threat/Status Reporting ● Cannot Be Shutdown by Infections ● Used by Goverments & Corporations ● Malware - Trojan - Spyware Protection ● Never Expires


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