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Onsite PC Computer and Laptop Services

Onsite Home & Business Services

Need an virus clean service? Wireless setup? Printer setup? Networking between systems?
We can do that and much more for you.
Our ONSITE services start at $95 for the first hour or part thereof and we than charge only $35 per 20 minutes thereafter.
PLEASE NOTE that we only offer residential onsite services for our own clients. If you are not a client of Technogeek but wish to buy a computer from us we will then offer you full onsite services.
Unfortunately we are extremely busy with our business clients and existing residential clients as well as new clients buying computer systems from us to take on anyone who calls with an issue from a system that has not been bought from us.

We do not charge over $140 for the first hour and all other computer service companies charge the same or higher thereafter but in 15 minute increments so you end up paying a lot more than we charge.
You still get our full professional and qualified services even though we charge less than everyone else.

Take a look at our managed home pc protection service we offer.

● Anti-Virus Protection ● Web Protection ● AV Monitoring ● AV Updates ● Threat/Status Reporting ● Cannot Be Shutdown by Infections ● Used by Governments & Corporations ● Malware - Trojan - Spyware Protection ● Never Expires


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