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Computer Insurance Claim Reports For Damaged Laptops and PCs

When making an insurance claim for your damaged laptop, notebook or desktop computer – or other computer equipment and devices – your insurer will most likely ask you to obtain a computer insurance claim report to accompany your insurance claim. More often than not, the insurer (not you) pays the cost of the PC or laptop damage report.

At Technogeek Computer Repairs we charge a flat fee of $125 (remember your insurance provider should pay this fee, not you) to provide you with a first rate computer insurance claim report that provides all the necessary information that your insurer will need in order to be able to process your insurance claim.

To date, none of the many Windows or Apple computer or laptop insurance claim reports we have provided have been queried, disputed or rejected by any insurer.
The computer, Mac or laptop insurance claim report will also include cost for data recovery should you this be required.

A typical desktop computer or laptop damage report for an insurance claim is around 2 to 3 pages in length.

In order to provide you with a comprehensive report for your insurance claim we will require your computer for a period of 1-2 days to undertake a thorough test and assessment, take photos and so a report.

Contents of a Computer or Laptop Damage Report

We will diagnose the possible cause of the damage sustained and the related faults found on your computer. This may involve completely disassembling your laptop or desktop Mac or PC. Each hardware component in your computer will be tested and all damaged items will be identified.

We will provide you with a PC or laptop damage report that clearly states the likely cause of the damage sustained, be it a power surge, liquid spill, impact with a hard surface, etc, and resulting component failure, etc. Each component – whether it happens to be the motherboard, screen/ display panel, hard drive, etc – that has sustained damage (and identified as requiring replacement) will be itemised. The estimated cost of replacement of each component together with the estimated cost of labour required to complete this repair work will also be clearly itemised in the laptop damage insurance report.

The total estimated cost of repair, along with the availability of replacement parts and time for completion, will determine whether we recommend to your insurer that your computer is repaired or replaced.

We are confident of the quality of this service and the report that we provide to you.

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