Remote Service Support.


  • 1 Computer
  • Secure Service
  • Protect your System
  • Software Installation
  • Driver Updates
  • PC Customise
  • Email Set Up
  • Speed up your pc
  • 12 Point Tune Up
  • Virus & Spyware Removal

Remote Service.
When directed by one of our staff just click this picture ...

Save the file. Double click the saved file. Give us the id and password and we can start our remote services. PC Tune Up Service at your place, no need to bring bulky items to us. Our remote service can be done with you sitting in front of your pc and watching us work or doing what you want at home without us being there while the job still gets done.
Please note that many services take many hours and our workshop services may be the preferred way to go.(We will discuss this with you when a booking or query is made)
Some services like virus clean we can setup to run for hours once we have done our work so we are only online for up to 1HR. Some services will require needing to reboot pc in which case you will need to log us back in again. and select 'RUN' from popup to allow us to remotely connect to you. Please read security section below in regards to us logging in.
We DO NOT install any software onto your pc. All of our logins are done through a web based system and are RUN not INSTALLED when you click the file we have you download so when you close off your browser we have NO access to your pc again. We will not nor ever do install anything that will allow us access at anytime to your pc without you being there to give us the login code and one off password generated by the program we use.

starting at $45

Payment via eftpos at end of service.


We can get your pc running the best it can with this service and remove any nasties lurking in your pc.

Remote Software Services

# Service Fixed Price Description
1 Tune Up $55.00 TuneUp Remote
2 Software Install $45.00 Software Remote
3 Email $75.00 Email Remote
4 Other From $45.00 Other Remote