• windows 7 services

    Windows 7 Services

    Do you have vista? Do you want to upgrade to windows 7? While you cannot buy windows 7 in any retail store we can sell it to you as system builders. We can repair or reinstall any windows 7 installation.

  • windows 8 services

    Windows 8 Services

    Do you have windows 7? Do you want windows 8? We can repair or reinstall any windows 8 installation. Do you want your windows 8 customised? Do you want it to run like windows 7? We can help!

  • windows 10 services

    Windows 10 Services

    We are fully trained in windows 10. Will you want to change? We will be able to do a fresh install of your new windows 10 on your pc or fix any upgrade issues you might be having. Let us make it run the best it can.

  • Technogeek for all you repair services

    Computer Repairs & Sales

    Computer Repairs North Lakes for installing a video card, replacing ram, selling you a new pc or an insurance quote we can help you.

  • laptop Screen Replacements

    Laptop Screen Replacements

    Offering all laptop repair services. Screen replacements, ram upgrades, data recovery services we can do it all for you.

  • ipad screen replacements

    Cheapest Workshop Services

    95% of our Workshop Services are under $100 regardless of the time it takes us to do the repair or service.